Komplexní správa a údržba nemovitostí, v oblasti průmyslových a komerčních staveb.

Our services

Wide range of services

CSF offers a wide range of professional services relating to complex management and maintenance of real estate properties, particularly in the area of industrial and commercial buildings.

Effective way of work allows us to lower the operation and maintenance costs and allows simple planning of operational costs.

We have number of years of experience in the area of constructing and managing industrial and commercial buildings, top team of qualified co-workers, specific know-how and wide network of selected and tested subcontractors.

All of the above allows us to plan, control and provide complex services in the area of real property management, always adjusted to specific needs.

Our basic services include:

Fire protection

  • Sprinklers, EAS (Electronic Anti-fire Systems), fire-extinguishers, fire seals and coating, hydrants

Heating, Air conditioning, gas

  • Air condition units, heating units sahara, interior heating, measuring and regulation

Wiring systems

  • Internal distribution, low-voltage wiring networks, CCTV, ESS (Electronic Security Systems)

Gates and loading docks

  • Industrial doors, section doors, loading docks

Building structure

  • Roof, sheating, windows, doors

Energy and media

  • Consumption optimization, connective conditions of media

Other services

  • Construction works, planning and delivering of technologies, permission processes of technologies etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about provided services. We will be happy to offer you more information during a personal presentation (phone +420 733 332 073, email: service@csfacility.eu)