Komplexní správa a údržba nemovitostí, v oblasti průmyslových a komerčních staveb.



As in many other fields, also in ours the key role in providing top services is quality of people providing them. We believe that we are able to satisfy the most demanding clients due to careful choice of our co-workers.

Service centre

People from our service centre are our customers' contact no. 1, ready to solve their requirements related to facility services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These people are qualified professionals, who also take care of standard periodical services and in fact they serve as remote building facility managers.

For more information please contact:


+420 722 931 847



Regional managers

Regional managers are our local representatives, who can be available on-site whenever needed. They are not only local business partners of our customers in the relevant region, but also our contact to subcontractors and service technicians with detailed and complex knowledge of the specific building.

For more info please contact:


+420 733 332 073



Service technicians

Our service technicians are professionals in their field of practice. They master knowledge of the relevant building and its technologies as of the initial hand over, so that presence of a customer to during servicing of the building is not required. Our technicians provide services particularly in the area of for example wiring systems, heating and air conditioning appliances, fire safety of the building, loading device services, energy and media and many others.